Thursday, March 23, 2017

Something Borrowed - Emily Giffin

This Book:

I detest this book, loath it, ABOMINATE IT. Possibly the shittiest women's lit story written in the 21st century. AND THEY MADE IT INTO A MOVIE... AND KATE HUDSON WAS IN IT. Unacceptable.

This shitty excuse of a book begins at Rachel's 30th birthday party which was organized by her "best friend" Darcy. We quickly realize that Darcy is the bitchy charmed child and Rachel is the self pitying friend in the shadows. By the end of the night, Rachel and Darcy's fiancé, (who was originally Rachel's friend) get drunk, hook up and continue hooking up afterwards.

Why was this book shit? Oh, let me count the ways.

The whole foundation of the book was faulty. Rachel and Dex are having an affair. Ok, fair enough, people have affairs all the time, sometimes it's with a stranger, sometimes it's with your partner's friend and sometimes even with their siblings. Ok, it happens. BUT SINCE WHEN DID IT BECOME OK?! Cause that's how it was portrayed in this book.

Giffin took PAINS to make the reader hate Darcy and feel sorry for Rachel. We were bombarded with flashbacks of Darcy being mean and selfish, taking Rachel for granted and generally putting her down. All of Rachel's friends SUPPORTED this affair and again reminded her how terrible Darcy is. So, my question is: Rachel, WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU FRIENDS WITH THIS GIRL?!??! I'll tell you why, because Rachel is a spineless creature that's just floating through life and looking for excuses why it sucks. She hates her job but won't do anything about it, she complains about her figure all the time but never spoke of working out or changing her eating habits and she uses Darcy as an excuse for why her life sucks. "I didn't get into uni because Darcy stole my place, I didn't get the boy because Darcy got to him first." NO. It's cause you either weren't good enough or you didn't flippin try!!! Don't blame Darcy.

Another literary crime Giffin committed was creating a character that's not real. Of course I'm not going to hate Darcy and take Rachel's side because Darcy simply does not exist. NO ONE is this lucky, beautiful, loved, talented, successful and horrible. Yea, maybe on social media, but not in real life. It's ridiculous. She's pitted Rachel up against a unicorn.

I felt so much anger towards this book, even now, when I glimpse it in my kindle library, floods of hatred rush through my body. Like an allergic reaction.

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