Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Nick Spalding - Fat Chance

Greg and Zoe sign up to a radio show competition to loose weight (something like the biggest loser) after a number of unfortunate body weight related incidents. We follow them on their weight loss journey through alternating diary entries

This book wasn't great. Besides a few witty comments thrown by Greg and Zoe this was basically a bunch of whiny diary entries. If I wanted to read endless complaining, I'd dig up my old diaries.

I can sum the story up in a few lines (Spoilers ahead. If you could call them that)

First 80% of the book.

Zoe: I'm fat and I can't fit in a dress.
Greg: I'm fat but it doesn't bother me.

20 pages and a broken chair later...

Greg: Ok, maybe it does bother me a bit.

Zoe: 20 pages about a cabbage diet

Greg: 20 pages about his personal trainer experience

Zoe: I'm Fat

Greg: I'm Fat

Last 20% of book

Zoe: 20 pages about allll the different diets she tried and what finally worked for her.... wait for it.... EATING IN MODERATION .... who would have thought people?

Greg: 20 pages about various exercise equipment he bought and what finally worked..... the Treadmill... SURPRISE. (P.S. treadmills don't make shin splints better.... just sayin)

Zoe and Greg: We're now happy

The End

Blekh. It's an honorable message : You can achieve anything you set your mind to. But way too much whining and self deprecating humor. Once or twice is funny, but not 300 pages of it.