Friday, April 14, 2017

The Woman in Black - Susan Hill

Arthur Kipps, a young enthusiastic lawyer, is sent to the late Mrs. Drablow's estate to go through her documents and settle her affairs. Mrs. Drablow's estate, Eel Marsh House is isolated and a long way off from the nearest town.  There Kipps witnesses horrors that will haunt him forever.

Not really SCARY but still creepy enough that I wouldn't listen to the audio book while taking the stairs (the staircase is in an enclosed space and the lights come off every 10 seconds so that you have to flip the switch every time you descend/ascend a floor). My boyfriend's been to see this as an interactive play and says it's the scariest thing he's experienced, I'd LOVE to go see that! I'm a sucker for ghost stories, although I don't sleep well for days afterwards. Some people get their adrenaline kick from rollercoasters I get mine from the supernatural.

I believe there are better horror stories out there, but this was a good enough subtle gothic story with a solid plot and an eerie feel.

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