Saturday, March 11, 2017

Moon Called (Mercy Thomposon 1) - Patricia Briggs

Mercy is a coyote shape shifter, (she can change form and become a coyote ) works as a mechanic and lives in a trailer behind an alpha werewolf's house. When a noob homeless werewolf turns up in her garage, she takes him in against her better judgement and is soon embroiled in a werewolf war- ok not WAR.. more like a conflict. That's not the only drama the werewolves bring her, for she must also deal with an old boyfriend she has long since left behind and a new potential love interest.
I don't know why I liked this. It must be because I had boycotted paranormal fantasies for so long before reading this. All well written paranormal novels are the same, fast paced, filled with action, contain well described sexy male leads and headed by either an endearing bimbo or a kickass stubborn female. Reading them is like being on a sugar high, you love it up until the point you realize that you've had the whole cake and now you're going to vomit it all out and possibly get diabetes. Which is what happened with me. I started this one evening and I got hooked, I couldn't put it down, I breezed through the first 75% like it was nothing but then I noticed the time and reluctantly switched off my kindle, hoping the four hours of sleep that I was going to get would be enough for me to pretend to be awake at the office. However, the next evening the charm suddenly wore off, just like the inevitable sugar high crash, and I wasn't so obsessed with the book anymore. I noted that the plot was pretty lame actually, the love triangle is so 2000 and late and the alpha wolf trope has been done to death.

Nevertheless, I will grant it the 4 stars I reserve for an entertaining, well written paranormal. Blood Bound is already on my TBR, let's see where this goes.

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