Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Pleasure Unbound (Demonica #1) - Larissa Ione

What is it about?

In a nutshell- Tayla Mancuso, a Demon slayer, lands at a Demon hospital after being beaten half to death by some Demon. Eidolon, an Incubus Demon, fixes her up and duh is attracted to her. Thus begins the classic enemies that want to fuck each other's brain out story and of course some exciting action occurs on the way.

I can sense that this series is going to become my guilty pleasure.

With a name like "Pleasure Unbound" one would expect this to be a sex-centric novel, but I hoped the name was just an eye-catching scheme and that the book would have a solid story. I was both satisfied and disappointed.

I was satisfied because the "main" story line was good. A demon hunter lands in a Demon run hospital and learns that everything she's ever known about Demons is wrong and that some of them are actually good or strive to be good. It was interesting learning about the different demon species and their version of creation. Some very good ideas there. The action plot was good, someone is kidnapping Demons and selling off their parts on the black market, interesting, want to know more...

On the other hand, I was disappointed because what was supposed to be the primary story line, really wasn't and just felt like a side dish or an appetizer for the sex plot (because there has to be one with a book called Pleasure Unbound) which was quite ridiculous to be honest. I can't take a book seriously when a conflict that takes up half the book is the fact that the main female character can't cum and the main male character who is a Seminus Demon ( A type of Incubus) makes it his mission throughout the book to bring her to Orgasm

And the reason the conflict occurred in the first place along with the resolution... oh my god no! Psychologists are crying everywhere in the world.

Hence why this is going to be a guilty pleasure. Cause, who are we kidding? If those books are about Incubi, they're going to be about sex. Fullstop.

She did end with an unresolved "main plot " (the actual good one) which made me download the second book ASAP. Also, I really liked the relationship between Eidolon (Incubus Demon) and his brothers. It was a respite from the " I'm a Seminist demon, I'm horny all the time" trope.

All in all, good effort, entertaining book, looking forward to the rest of the crew's romantic shenanigans.