Saturday, April 22, 2017

David Sedaris- Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim

I don't like David's narration style but I do like his stand-up comedy style, if that makes sense.

I listened to this as an audio book and most of it were funny stories from David's life. They mostly annoyed me, HE mostly annoyed me, particularly his voice. I didn't like him very much in most of the stories told and it's difficult to enjoy a humorous book about a narrator you don't really click with. However, some parts were read as a stand-up comedy skit and I really enjoyed those, I laughed out loud and appreciated the humor.

This is probably going to be the last Sedaris book I read but I'd watch him on one of the late shows.

Friday, April 14, 2017

The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie - Alan Bradley

Flavia, an 11 year old chemical genius, finds a dead body in the cucumber patch. Armed with her bicycle, chemist knowledge and wholly entertaining thoughts, she sets out to solve the murder and exonerate her father who is the prime suspect.
Loved this!! Flavia is such an entertaining narrator, she may be 11 but she doesn't act or think like an 11 year old, except when she's poisoning her older sister's lipstick. The whole de Luce family was hilariously dysfunctional and I loved seeing it through Flavia's eyes. The mystery aspect reminded me of Harriet the Spy, which I loved as a child, so it made me appreciate this book even more.

It's a fun light read that I really enjoyed. Would I be picking up the rest of the novel? hmmmm, probably not, at least not now, I feel satisfied with just the one.

The Woman in Black - Susan Hill

Arthur Kipps, a young enthusiastic lawyer, is sent to the late Mrs. Drablow's estate to go through her documents and settle her affairs. Mrs. Drablow's estate, Eel Marsh House is isolated and a long way off from the nearest town.  There Kipps witnesses horrors that will haunt him forever.

Not really SCARY but still creepy enough that I wouldn't listen to the audio book while taking the stairs (the staircase is in an enclosed space and the lights come off every 10 seconds so that you have to flip the switch every time you descend/ascend a floor). My boyfriend's been to see this as an interactive play and says it's the scariest thing he's experienced, I'd LOVE to go see that! I'm a sucker for ghost stories, although I don't sleep well for days afterwards. Some people get their adrenaline kick from rollercoasters I get mine from the supernatural.

I believe there are better horror stories out there, but this was a good enough subtle gothic story with a solid plot and an eerie feel.