Thursday, May 12, 2016

Desire Unchained (Demonica # 2)- Larissa Ione

Runa wakes up in a dungeon Spade, and ex-boyfriend who cheated on her and turned to be a Seminus demon (type of incubus). Spade, plagued by a curse that does not allow him to fall in love, is blown away by Runa's new found ballsy character. Throw in a crazy person that wants them both dead and you have a whole lot of Drama.

Meh, did not like this one. I never cared for Spade in the first book and I continued not caring for him in this one too. Runa was just as bad. I hated how Ione portrayed her as this spineless pathetic girl that Spade totally trashed and then she came back a year later with a whole new personality and he was just blown away. It sickened me.
The weird shit with the S n M soul cleansing thing didn't make sense to me either, it was just bizarre.
A very weak installment that just about turned me off from the books. However, I still really like the brothers interactions and I really want to get to Wraith's story cause he's my favorite.