Saturday, October 21, 2017

The Boneclocks - David Mitchell

This was one weird book.

Holly Sykes has a fight with her mom and runs away from home one day, starting a chain of events that leads us to soul eaters?, soul shifters, journalism, a dystopian Earth, a "psychoteric" fight in another dimension, a murder and lots of other random events.

I really liked where the book was headed in the first half but then it lost me. There was SO much going in, is it an Urban Fantasy? Is it a coming of age story? Is it a family saga? Is it a post apocalyptic novel? It's everything, all jumbled up in one big novel. Which is cool but kind of lost me halfway through. I also found the writing cliche at times, particularly when opposing characters were having an argument. It sounded like the showdown between comic book characters, was a bit odd in the context of the book.

I do want to check out his other works, Mitchell covers interesting themes and definitely has a wild imagination.

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