Sunday, November 15, 2015

Emma- Jane Austen

It pains me to give an Austen novel such low ratings but perhaps I have outgrown this writer, or maybe she just had a bad spell when writing this.

A ridiculous story with ridiculous abhorrent characters. Emma is quite simply a BITCH with a capital B.

Why is she a Bitch? For the following reasons ( Major Spoiler Warnings for those who have not read it):

Reason Number 1:

She spends 60% of the book dissuading Harriet, a poor senseless creature of unknown heritage and low stature, of marrying the man she loves because he is of a lower class than her. She then convinces her to set her sights on someone who's way above her, inflating her ego and filling her head with thoughts that she is of high society, only to find out that the man is actually interested in Emma herself! After that disaster, Harriet finally sets her eyes on Knightly and when Emma discovers this, she suddenly realizes she's in love with Knightly herself.. so.. she sends Harriet out of the way to London, announces her Engagement to him then slowly cuts ties with the girl!!! Oh. My. God. What a disgusting person!

Reason Number 2:

She openly bitches about Jane Fairfax to everyone. Starts rumors about her. Is extremely catty to her and her poor aunt. For no effing reason whatsoever. Just because!

Reason Number 3:

Flips the fuck out when she thinks Mr. Knightly has a thing for Jane and reasons that she does not want Knightly to ever marry because it will disadvantage her nephews!!!! HOW IS THIS ACCEPTABLE. I want to destroy her.

Plenty of books have bitchy characters and that's fine. But this character was glorified S
She acted like an absolute beast to everybody, yet still got the man in the end and apologies from people... WHY WAS ANYONE APOLOGIZING TO HER!?!?! She should commit suicide from shame. Selfish piece of shit.

I hated her and I really wished she would get the ending she deserved. I would rewrite this and have Harriet marry Knightly and Emma end up old, alone and miserable like her father

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