Tuesday, May 26, 2015

This Side of The Grave (Nighthuntress book 5) - Jeanine Frost

Although it hurts me to admit it, these books are getting boring.

Bones and Kat's story-line should have ended way earlier then now. I feel like Frost is really pushing her luck with having book 6 and 7. Book 5 barely made the cut so not sure how the last 2 are going to fly. I really enjoy reading about the characters and their relationships, but it's just dragging on.

This was the weakest installment so far, it could also be cause I read Mencheres and Spade's stories between book 4 and 5. It's good that she's giving the other character's their own books. I'm really looking forward to Vlad's and hoping Ian gets one. Kat & Bones should have ended on a high! I hope it still does. They're my favorite and they deserve the best goddamn it!

The main thing that this series has going for it is Bone's character. In a literary world infested with Christian Greys, Edward Cullens and their infinite variations, it's wonderful to see a supportive male that trusts in his partner and backs her up rather than over playing the damsel in distress vs Alpha male stereotype crap. This series shines in that regard. 

"If you think you can control a woman, you must be single"

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