Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Arrow- Pilot

This. Was. Bad.

The premise, a modern day Robin Hood, mixed with the few glimpses of the show that I had seen on TV and it's 8.2 IMDB rating boded well for this series. So I decided to watch the Pilot.


What went wrong? Let's see.. I had 3 main issues with the show:

1. Bad Acting

Oscar Queen has been stuck on island for 5 years after being in a boat crash with his father and some other people. He's the only person who survives. 5 years later, some Asian people save him and he goes back home.
Imagine your brother, son, husband, or even friend had been a boat crash and after 5 years of presuming him dead, he pops up at your doorstep.

How would you react?

Perhaps like this:

oooor maybe like this:

You might even break down and react like this:

This is not how I would expect a 5 year though to be dead reunion:

Sister: I miss you
Oliver: You were with me the whole time

So much bad acting cheese.

Oliver (Arrow) has the same expression on his face the whole time. I don't even know how to describe it. It's like an intense soap opera face, you know when the stare of into the distance. Except he has it all the time. Like this:

Although, I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt, since he did just get off an island that he's been stuck on for 5 years. Maybe he forgot how to move his facial muscles. He is the best actor out of the whole sappy lot. Actually, his body guard is not bad either, David Ramsey.

I expect more from a pilot. This is your shot to win people over. Make it count!

2. Horrible CGI Scenes

CGI has become a vital part of the TV world. Especially in fantasy/action genres. I'm not hating on CGI. I'm hating on the way it was used in the Pilot. Urgh! Horribly modified sky and land colors to make an image look like this:

What is this!? I've played video games that had better imagery. Not impressed

3. Unrealistic Script

I don't know if they've ripped the script from the comics but it is so ridiculous. Let's go back to Oliver's story. Before he got stranded on the island, he was a billionaire playboy scumbag that was cheating on his girlfriend, Laurel, with her.. sister. To add salt to the injury, said sister was with him on the boat when shit hit the fan.. and she drowned. 

Now, imagine being Laurel and having to deal with the fact that your sister is a backstabbing bitch whom you couldn't be angry at because she died while fucking your boyfriend. How fucked up would you be?! Now, let's say said scumbag boyfriend comes back to life after 5 years and seeks you out. It's hard to imagine how you would react as those are very specific circumstances, BUT YOU SURE AS HELL DON'T ATTEND HIS HOMECOMING PARTY AND TELL HIM THAT ALL IS FORGIVEN. 

Blekh. It's safe to say that I will NOT be downloading anymore episodes.


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