Thursday, June 11, 2015

Me and My Shadow (Silver Dragons Book 3) - Katie MacAlister

I wanted to give this book a 2 star. There were some scenes that deserved a 1 star. In the end the complete absurdity of it all just made me laugh rather than frustrating me.

This series is just too ridiculous. The characters dialogue and actions have been on repeat for all the 3 books.

May and Gabriel:

Run around looking for objects, pause to have sex, contemplate having foreplay, it doesn't work out, proceed with sex, run around some more.


I'm so pregnant the baby is almost a year old




I'm so broody, I'm so moody, no one understands me. I'm supposed to be a thousand years old, but I act like a teenager. I'm a Black Dragon god damn it and want to be recognized as one! *Throws Tantrum*


Whines and throws tantrums with Kostya. "Surprisingly" they end up together.


One minute it's:

The next it's:


I'm supposed to be comic relief, but really everyone else is so silly that I just come off as annoying


Am I Baltic? Am I someone else? Who am I? Can you guess? Hee Hee. I'm a dragon mage hybrid creature that can do all sorts of awesome tricks but I lose at the end anyway, cause, you know, good guys always win. And I'm kinda lame.

Everyone else:

We're not sure why we're here, but we'll try to be as obnoxious as the rest, just cause

And they all live happily ever af..... Wait... Hold on! But of course, a cliffhanger to set up the story line for the next series (Light Dragons). Tum da daaaaa!

It is really stupid. But I didn't expect anything else and it did entertain me somewhat. So meh, it can have the 3 stars.

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