Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Night Circus-Erin Morgenstern

I don't have much to say about this book except that the cover always made me think that the story was about a little girl. The circus looks like a little doll like child sitting on a hand. The clock is the face, the red swirly things at the top look like a bonnet, the ones on the bottom are her legs, the circus tents make up her dress and arms. That's not what it was about though, it was actually about a circus.. hahaha.. surprise!

This book was just ok, whatever, I really can't be bothered to think about it. The circus was cool, I wanted to visit it, it was very well written, there was an inkling in time when I felt for the characters and their miseries but yeah, whatever. I wasn't impressed with the ending, it was a bit shit and I wasn't blown away or in love with the book. 

An average book that accomplishes it's purpose and sells copies

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