Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Blackmoore- Julianne Donaldson

I am disappoint.

This is not what I signed up for. I read Donaldson's first book Edenbrooke last year and I recall being blown away by it. Now I'm thinking I might have been delusional back then. This is supposed to be a clean adult romantic novel set in Victorian London. Adult novel means that the plot is going to be well developed and the characters are going to be mature. Sadly, this was not the case.

Main Issues with the book:

Horrible Female Characters 

How is it possible that every single lady in this novel, besides the protagonist, Kate, is a complete bitch. Every single one, I promise..
Let me introduce you to the Mean Girls

Kate's Mother and Sisters 

Oh my dear lord. In a nutshell, Kate's mother is a whore who entrapped her husband and proceeded to make his life a living hell. She now takes EVERY CHANCE SHE GETS to flirt with boys half her age, it is implied that she takes things further than just flirting. Eleanor, Kate's eldest sister, follows in her mother's footsteps and causes several scandals in London. Maria, the 3rd sister, is briefly mentioned and is portrayed as a brainless pathetic creature who just trails after the mother. As if that wasn't enough, Kate's mother treats Kate like shit the whole time, even going so far as throwing a hairbrush at her.. yes, very believable and mature. Bottom line, she's the mother from hell. Ok now, smile for mommy!

Sylvia Delafield- Kate's "Bestfriend"

I say "Bestfriend" in quotations because if this is friendship I'd prefer to surround myself with enemies. What a piece of shit. So this girl is absolutely useless, she's a spoiled little shit who can't even walk around in her house because it is " oh so tiring". She spends the entire book pointing out all the negative traits in Kate. Why!?

Mrs. Delafield- Sylvia and Henry's (guy protagonist) mother 

Wow, this character takes the cake. What an evil, psychotic, manipulative ice queen. She despises Kate, pretty much cause she comes from a family of hoes and takes every chance to remind her of how hated she is. Too much negativity.

Ms. Saint Claire 

This is the girl the Mrs. Delafield has picked out for Henry. She's disgusting. Kate goes on and on about how thoughtful and perfect Ms. Saint Claire is, but really she's a bitch. She insults Kate all the time by saying things like "oh, I heard that you have a horrible mother, you poor thing, I feel so sorry for you." I'm sorry... how is that thoughtful?!?!?! I just wanted to vomit all over her face.

Surrounded by all those mean girls we have Kate Worthington:

No one understands me, boo hoo boo hoo. I don't want to be like my mother and sisters, they're all sluts, I hate them, boo hoo. I want to be a spinster and run off to India because I'm 17 years old and heartbroken. As if I even know what that means. If I lived in the 21st century I would be cutting my wrists right now and drawing voodoo doll figures on my notebooks.

Kate's obsession with Blackmoore

Every summer Henry and Sylvia go to their country estate Blackmoore. Kate isn't invited because their mother hates Kate's guts. Now any normal human being would not want to go somewhere they are unwanted, right? WRONG. Kate is OBSESSED with going to Blackmoore. She throws tantrums every single summer when her friends go. Are we meant to feel sorry for her? I just think it's FUCKING WEIRD.

Clearly, this girl needs new friends or a therapist. 

Repetitive Writing 

"My hand crept up my neck" was repeated at least 3 times.
"I could feel Henry standing behind me" was repeated at least 4 times, sometimes on the same page.
"I must go to India"- Repeated a 1000000000000 times.
There was endless talk about Birds and being trapped in a cage and then some more birds. We later discover that Henry gave Kate a book about Birds, maybe this is supposed to show us her love for him? I don't know. Enough with the freakin birds.


The British Dream! Feeling victimized and hopeless, Kate convinces herself that the only way to go is jetting off to India with her spinster Aunt Charlotte. Riiight, because sailing to a land colonized by the Brits who's people have been forced to "reform" and follow British rule is SUCH a great adventure! That's just sick man. 

This book read like a Young Adult novel, with juvenile characters and melodramatic OTT scenes. Not my cup of tea, would recommend it for Y.A. fans. 

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