Friday, November 11, 2016

The Warlord Wants More (Immortals after Dark # 1) - Kresley Cole

I read this book a couple of months ago and have been too lazy to write a review, mostly because this was shit.

She (Myst) the most coveted Valkyrie in the world, and he (Wroth)  a vampire searching for his eternal bride. Can their forbidden love prevail against all odds?!!  cue dramatic music

Can't even be bothered to write a witty and sarcastic review. So here's the breakdown:

- Myst is a pain in the ass. She's meant to be a thousand years old, yet her and her powerful ancient sisters spend the whole book screeching at each other, painting their nails, playing video games and like behaving like total teenagers, like oh my god, like, like like.

- Wroth is boring

- He chases her around the whole book since she leaves him with an erection only she can satisfy *gag* and then proceeds to pretty much rape her. You can argue that it wasn't rape since she "initiated" it, but he took her as a prisoner, controlled her through a magical item and teased her until she was "begging for it". LIKE THAT EVER HAPPENS?!?!?!?!
Oh yea, being held prisoner and sexually assaulted is so sexy... SAID NO ONE EVER.

There really wasn't much to the story. It's not a paranormal romance as it proclaims itself, it's pure erotica.

2 stars for being a well written Erotica!

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