Friday, November 25, 2016

Ready Player One- Ernest Cline

In a dystopian future, humanity pretty much mainly functions in the OASIS, a virtual reality that caters to all your needs and wants. Upon Anorak's, the creator of the OASIS, death, his final will is released to the world. He leaves all this riches and the keys of the OASIS to the "player" who manages to crack his puzzle and find "easter egg" hidden within the OASIS. And so, the race begins, with everyone on the planet fighting to gain this treasure.. whatever it takes.

What a delightful and clever book. I enjoyed reading this book SO much. It was pretty much an ode to the 80's and even though I wasn't around in the era, I still appreciated the references. In fact, it got me really interested in that decade and I wished I had grown up then, just so I could get all the allusions.

I loved the world Cline created, it's where I feel humanity is eventually headed. Great characters, on point dialogue, fast paced writing and action packed pages. Perfect read for any gamer enthusiast, 80's kid, Sci-fi or dystopian reader and anyone who enjoys an intelligent page turner.

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