Saturday, February 11, 2017

Charlotte Bronte- Jane Eyre

The Writing:

The Story:

I absolutely loved the writing, easy 5 stars for that and Jane was the perfect story teller I genuinely liked her and wanted to hear the story. Spoilers beyond this point.

It started out fine, with some child abuse and a sob story. But once Jane got to Thornfield and the love story started it just got ridiculous.

The Love Story

Some would argue that this was ok for that time and age. But it wasn't, the characters themselves expressed worry over the huge age gap. Furthermore, the whole master/servant thing followed by the manhandling when Jane found out the truth..... creep central.

The BIG SECRET, ridiculous as it was, paled in comparison to Jane's mindless flight and the CONVENIENT COINCIDENCE that followed. Because it is SO legit to get on a random coach travel cross country to an unknown town, beg for two days and the MIRACULOUSLY COME ACROSS THE HOME OF YOUR LONG LOST COUSINS!!!

Happens every day! Right!?

Don't even get me started on Mr. Rivers and how fucked up that whole scenario was. Vomit in my mouth. That was a third wave of abuse, in this case complete emotional manipulation. Ugh, repulsive character.

The Ending

This is meant to be a story of a young woman who develops a backbone and stands up for herself. While Jane is a pleasant character with common sense and tough interior, she's just an abused teenager with daddy issues who develops a school girl crush on a man her father's age and he totally takes advantage of it. #creep.

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